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From initial sketches, CAD design, prototyping to full scale production and distribution, Clinc provides a service which covers all areas of product design and manufacture. See below how we make this process as straight forward and efficient as possible:

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A New Idea


A spark of inspiration for a new product is an opportunity, but getting that idea onto the market can be challenging and costly. We aim to inform you of the options and guide you through the process.



An initial meeting is where we get to find out about your product or idea and discuss how our services would be best tailored to you. At this meeting you may arrive with an idea or a partially developed product, for example. We can then provide advice and guide you as to what we think would be the best next step.

Initial Concepts


At this stage we would aim to generate multiple solutions to your challenges, which may involve rapid concept ideation, sketches and producing some basic CAD models. We would work with you to try to gauge where your product will be positioned in the market.

Technical Development


Products are designed for looks and function with material choices for eventual use in mind and appropriate manufacturing processes employed.  Any test and performance criteria would be carefully examined to ensure the product is designed to meet a given specification.  We would balance all of the various constraints to ensure economic manufacture.

Prototype and Testing


Prototyping is an essential phase that allows you an early look and feel of your product to check whether it works correctly, assembles well and passes all the critical tests.  Any necessary adjustments can be made subsequently, based on your test results and a final prototype prepared to ensure smooth passage into the production phase

Tooling and Manufacture


Once your product is ready for manufacture, whether low or high volumes are required, Clinc is best placed to steer you into realising your product at a very competitive price. We can guide you every step of the way with transparent quotes of each aspect of the tooling.  Depending on the product, we may be able to amortise tooling costs to allow you onto the market without the need for a significant capital outlay.

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