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Most UK businesses, who offer Chinese manufacturing, work only with large international Chinese companies.  These companies normally subcontract manufacture to specialists in a particular process, for example plastic injection moulding or aluminium extruding. This method of working adds a layer of overheads and prevents direct communication with the people who actually make the parts. It generally makes smaller production runs uneconomical.


As Clinc Ltd. has its own operations in China we are able to use a range of direct suppliers, large and small. We communicate directly with the tooling and production engineers who make the parts. By improving communications and reducing unnecessary levels of management we are able to offer the best prices, timings and manufacturing solutions.


This flexibility means we can often come up with solutions for low volume production that do not interest large manufacturers. For example, occasionally in order to balance tooling costs against small production runs, we make some parts by CNC machining and others by injection moulding.



Imspecting our parts to the highest quality

We personally inspect the factories we work with

Some of the various parts that we can produce at low quantities for still low prices

Low volume CNC Production

Some of the various parts that we can produce at low quantities for still low prices

We ensure all components are quality controlled

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